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Command & Conquer Gold "The Dawn of the Tiberium Age&
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Recently version 1.11 of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA in short) has been released.
DTA is a mod for C&C Tiberian Sun, which entirely converts it into the first Command & Conquer game (also known as Tiberian Dawn), with a lot of added extras. The mod uses many of the original graphics to make it look very similar to the original game and the many added and improved graphics mean it in fact looks even better than the original.
There are 2 game modes:
Classic: the intend of this game mode is to replicate Tiberian Dawn's gameplay as closely as possible.
Enhanced: as the name implies, the intend of this game mode is to further "enhance" the game by improving the game balance and adding many new units, buildings and weapons.
View this video to see many of the features this version of DTA has to offer:
As you can see in the video, installing the mod is just a matter of placing the launcher in an empty folder, starting it and clicking a button and playing online is just as simple; just click the 'Play on CnCNet' button, chose whether to play in Classic or Enhanced mode and you're there.
And if you take a look at CnCNet's statistics you'll see that DTA (the green line) often has has some players online, so finding other players to play with usually shouldn't be too difficult.


I have played one previous version of this mod and sometimes I got some bugs like not beeing able to build anything or trying to run red alert mod and the game starting at tiberium sprites...

Do you know if there are bugs fixed ?