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Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection
Applications > Windows
6.2 GiB (6662392094 Bytes)

2012-12-15 20:55:22 GMT
mindcrasher VIP


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         *********************THIS TORRENT INCLUDES*************************

Photoshop CS6					
Photoshop CS6 Extended					
Illustrator CS6					
InDesign CS6					
Adobe Muse					
Acrobat X Pro					
Flash Professional CS6					
Flash Builder 4.6 Premium					
Dreamweaver CS6					
Edge Animate					
Edge Reflow					
Edge Code					
Edge Inspect					
Fireworks CS6					
Premiere Pro CS6					
After Effects CS6					
Audition CS6					
SpeedGrade CS6					
Prelude CS6					
Encore CS6					
Bridge CS6					
Media Encoder CS6

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection

MMMMMMMM               MMMMMMMM                CCCCCCCCCCCCC        
M:::::::M             M:::::::M             CCC::::::::::::C        
M::::::::M           M::::::::M           CC:::::::::::::::C        
M:::::::::M         M:::::::::M          C:::::CCCCCCCC::::C        
M::::::::::M       M::::::::::M         C:::::C       CCCCCC        
M:::::::::::M     M:::::::::::M        C:::::C                      
M:::::::M::::M   M::::M:::::::M        C:::::C                      
M::::::M M::::M M::::M M::::::M        C:::::C                      
M::::::M  M::::M::::M  M::::::M        C:::::C                      
M::::::M   M:::::::M   M::::::M        C:::::C                      
M::::::M    M:::::M    M::::::M        C:::::C                      
M::::::M     MMMMM     M::::::M         C:::::C       CCCCCC        
M::::::M               M::::::M          C:::::CCCCCCCC::::C        
M::::::M               M::::::M ......    CC:::::::::::::::C ...... 
M::::::M               M::::::M .::::.      CCC::::::::::::C .::::. 
MMMMMMMM               MMMMMMMM ......         CCCCCCCCCCCCC ...... 


Got a this serial number has been revoked notice. Did a miss a step?
Excellent torrent, thanks for that!
One worry with this though.
All the programs are working and are not asking for any trouble, however when I open a pdf file from a random location of my HDD´s I always get a warning that this is a trial and will expire in 2x days.
Any advice or thought about that? Install acrobat reader on the side instead?
Mr. mindcrasher, you are a genius, I am grateful, and I would make my wife do you twice if you were here. Everything works fine and is activated. Here was my experience, from one who is occasionally intellectually challenged (sporadically retarded).

1. First I loaded trial version and patch didn't work with it. I suspect had I used "have a serial number" and opened patch then, it would have.

2. It activated perfectly by
a. turning off internet
b. installing "with serial number"
c. played along about "bad internet connection" and will "register offline"
d. kept keygen open from that point until the very end
e. copied and pasted the keygen's serial # into adobe's box requesting it, which then caused adobe to generate a response code. I copied and pasted that response code back into the middle of the 3 lines of keygen and noticed TEXT BEFORE AND AFTER it that I deleted ("paste and copy here") (and, shit, i forget what was after it). After turning off app and restarting, I clicked generate again which filled the last of 3 keygen lines, which was what adobe wanted to finally activate all apps.

Another tip I learned hard way: I used to download torrents to external USB flash drive or memory card, and a keygen won't work from there. It must be located on hard drive!

P.S. Um, duh, it keeps asking me to "Complete/Update Adobe ID profile". What should I do? Answer this, and you can just keep the bitch.
I tryed almost all keygens.
I tryed all torents!
Serial code OK
Request code OK
but when I paste request code i dont get FUCKING last code beore validation!!!!!!!!
What to do?
Thank you!
Mindcrasher, I did everything and it worked very well. It's just that my computer won't allow me to edit by host file (C:windowssystem32driversetchosts)

What do you use to edit it?
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