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Mount and Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars (RePack/1.158,1.104)
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mount and blade warband repack 1.158 1158 crack multiplayer
2013-08-11 07:25:31 GMT

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Installator contains:

1) Mount and Blade Warband, version 1.158
2) Multiplayer mod 'Napoleonic Wars', 1.104
3) Dedicated Server for 1,2

Image contains:
1) cracks with multiplayer
2) original exe-files
3) DirectX web-updater
4) installer

Features of repack:
- multiplayer cracks for game and server
- cut all languages, except english, added russian
- added custom font, example screen here:


can multiplay ?
how to get multiplayer work. it says: password needed
There is no "password needed".
It can be "incorrect password" for servers with password.
Look for servers without passwords at all, it is indicated in column with lock.
There are a lot of servers without password.
Works and very easy to install but i am haveing a problem With multiplayer i think caus both PCs not connected to the internet it gives me after the then couldnt connect to the server do any one know how to play it multiplayer Lan offline if the problem is with the connection and yes i have done everything and every advice writen in the read me
after the validating serial code *
You need a serial code in order to play on multiplayer. Can you give me one or put in a cracked serial code file?
Multiplayer doesn't work for me. it says I need a serial code to play each time I try to join one. Help!
Use tab "Local area network". There will be all servers from direct local network.

Read "readme".
There is a keygen, named "mbreg_fianna_proper.exe"
Run it once.
Some antiviruses alerts on it, because of its encryption.
You can run at any time directly from image...
i create a game on lan after useing the keygen once on every pc every one sees it but the same error couldnt connect to the server after that i tried running the key gen many times adn checkd that secure connection is 0 i tried every thing any advice ? i was thinking the problem was my network being offline not to able to check the serial but now i dont have any clue
"couldnt connect to the server" means that, game could not connect to centralized master-server.
Of course you will get this message every time without internet connection.
It is used not only for getting dedicated servers list, but and key verification.
So, LAN means that, your traffic will be going through lan while playing on some server, but you still need connection to master-server to key verification.
It is architecture of MB multiplayer.
yes that is what i meant i think its an internet issue is there any way to play lan offline
You still need to type in a serial key when playing multiplayer :/

Did the keygen not work or what could have happened?
yea tis is a very good and unique game! thanks [email protected] for seeding
Where is the 1.158 update?
Ignore my previous comment, I figured it out, but now when I have installed it, I have another problem, it crashes on startup, any idea how to fix it?
Crashes on start, any idea why?
When I try running the keygen, it gives me an error about not having permissions. I get the same error trying to run it as administrator, and I cannot change any of the keygen's properties without getting that same error. Can I get some help with this?
It Is Crashing On Startup Before The Load Screen Any Workaround ?
crashes on startup any help with that
hello, i can host and play mount and blade native on lan, but napoleonic wars keeps kicking players, any solutions please?
I can't find "mbreg_fianna_proper.exe" anywhere.
Nevermind, it was still in the zip file... it didn't extract.
ye, crashes on startup
I am playing warband without any problems on Windows 8.1 (64), I still did not try Napoleonic Wars but it did show in the launcher correctly.